RCBS Quick Change Powder Measure

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RCBS Quick Change Powder Measure

The RCBS Quick Change High Capacity Powder Measure gives the reloader the ability to dispense large rifle charges up to 250 grains. The large extra capacity hopper holds up to 2 pounds of smokeless powder while the quick change feature allows reloaders with extra metering assemblies to quickly change between powder charges when switching calibers.

Technical Information:

Material: Plastic hopper and drop tubes steel construction
Metering Chamber: High Capacity
Features: Quick change metering assembly that allows reloader to remove a pin and insert a different assembly for a different caliber or load (extra assemblies are available separately)
Attachment: To reloading presses with 7/8"-14 threads or using a powder measure stand (sold separately)
1 Quick Change Metering Assembly
Quick Change Powder Drain Insert
22-270 Caliber Drop Tube, 30-45 Caliber Drop Tube, 50 Caliber Drop Tube
Powder Charge Thrown: Up to 250 Grains
Note: Not for use with black powder